What Should You Look For In a Therapist Planner?

Planning is not only restricted to personal and individual ventures. Having a therapist planner is the best way to give organization and structure to your day so that you can maximize your time, earn more money, and feel fulfilled.  If you are a therapist leaning towards buying a therapist planner then, here are some solid reasons why you should go through with it!

A Place to Keep Track of Therapy Appointments:

Keeping track of appointments is clearly vital if you are going to run a practice smoothly.  Some therapists use ERM software or other means of managing appointments, however, sometimes it is just easier to write appointments down. Being able to visually see your appointments can help you plan your time more efficiently so that you can see clients and plan for other tasks during the day such as phone calls, documentation, and research to name a few. A therapist planner has a framework that is made to perfectly align with keeping track of appointments, everyday goals concerning clients as well as keeping an eye on continuing education credits. Since planners are designed for the very purpose of ensuring that all of this is distributed in appropriate sections, therapists will have to make little effort to map out all areas they are covering at once.

A Place to Keep Track of Billing and Finances:

A good therapist planner will allow you to keep track of business expenses and income.  In addition, by tracking income and expenses you can get a better sense of how and where your money is being spent and what you need to do financially to grow or expand in your practice.

A Place to Effectively Keep Track of Administrative Time:

A good quality therapist planner is a great tool for helping a therapist’s gauge where their time needs to be invested daily. In addition to seeing clients, therapists need to have time dedicated towards administrative takes which unfortunately is usually unpaid time. The better organized a therapist is the less time they will need to spend on administrative tasks.  A good therapist planner should have plenty of space to write down daily tasks and reminders, a way to keep track of progress notes and treatment plans that need to be done. In addition, when a therapist is organized, it allows more time for a therapist to know when to indulge in self-care. After all, a clear mind is essential for offering others help.

A Place to Reflect on a Therapist’s Own Self-Care:

A comprehensive therapist planner should consider the therapist as a whole person.  That means the professional and business aspects of being a therapist in addition to the personal life of a therapist need to be take into consideration. Therapists have goals, dreams, and values too and they need time and a place to reflect on these thoughts.  A good therapist planner will account for these needs for therapists have pages where therapists can reflect on who they are as a person and what they want from their business and their life.

A Place to Keep Track of Marketing and Networking

A comprehensive therapist planner will help a therapist reflect on what they need to do to grow and expand their practice. Therapist planners are one of the best sources for putting down marketing and expansion strategies when it comes to one’s practice.

If you are a therapist looking to organize your practice and all that it entails, then the Comprehensive Therapist Planner would be a wonderful addition to your professional regimen.