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A Planner Exclusivley Designed for Mental Health Therapists

Make Your Life Easier

The Comprehensive Therapist Planner

Why This Planner is Unique

Stay organized, increase your productivity, and turn your business dreams into a reality with this comprehensive and unique weekly/monthly planner and appointment book (designed exclusively for mental health professionals)! Keep track of appointment scheduling, treatment plans, progress notes, CEU’s, billing/expenses, and overall business management. It’s a planner, appointment book, journal, and business coach all in one! It makes an excellent gift!

This planner includes:

*Weekly appointment scheduling (with 15-minute increment time slots.)

*Monthly full calendar pages

*Monthly business reflection questions to help with business growth and goals

*Monthly budget tracker

*Yearly budget and growth analysis worksheet

*Client waiting list tracker

*Helpful resource pages (Dx and procedure codes and much more!)

*CEU Tracker

*Treatment Plan Tracker

From scheduling appointments to keeping track of treatment plans and progress notes, you will have it all covered with The Comprehensive Therapist Planner.

-Jennifer Molinari, LCPC, NCC

"This wonderful Therapist's Planner is a unique and inspiring tool for any therapist or counselor.  Designed by a counselor who truly "gets it", this planner goes far beyond basic scheduling!  It includes professional management & reflection tools such as budgeting, planning, and private space to reflect on one's accomplishments and challenges on a weekly & monthly basis.  This is in addition to lovely graphic imagery & well-chosen quotes.  This planner is a resource I turn to often, to reflect on where I am--and where I plan to be in the coming months and years.  As a new practitioner, I found my investment in Jennifer's Molinari's wonderful planner one of the finest investments I've made.  It's as reassuring as a trusted friend-- a therapist's "guardian angel".  I've already put in my order for next year's :) Well done, Ms. Molinari!"

--Rachael P, CHt, PLRT, CADC

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